As of Wednesday the 17th of June the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, has announced that the beaches will be open! All those who visit the beach much comply with the existing safety and health measures stated in the Action protocol for the summer of 2020 created by the City of Torrevieja.

There are several factors to keep in mind when going to the beach whether its for a dip or to relax on the sand. In this article we will inform you are about which timetables have been set, there capacity control and this depends on the size of the beach as well and the 3 zones have been set according to what type of activity you will do on the beach (walking, sunbathing, other activities such as sports). 

Timetable for the beaches 

For now the beaches will be open from 8:30 to 20:30. During summer the beaches tend to be a bit busier and therefore the plan is to establish a shifting system and specific times of bathing so that everyone can access the beaches daily.

What does the capacity control look like?

To ensure that everyone is as safe as possible and keeping a social distance, a surveillance programme has been designed. Several personnel will be located at the entrances and exists to count the amount of people entering and leaving the beach.

Also to make sure everyone on the beach complies with the social distancing rule, personnel with roam the beach and inform those who are not located in authorized areas or if they are too close to others. This of course is a separate program and independent of the rescue and lifeguard service. In case of peaks and huge increases of people visiting the beach the local government board has approved to hire emergency control personnel if need be. 

Each beach is of different size and therefore a calculation of maximum capacity has been established by the government to ensure that everyone can enjoy the spectacular beaches in the Valencian community. These calculations and guide is called Safe Beaches for those who want to learn more. It´s strictly important that everyone respects the social distancing rule of 2 meters established by the health authorities. 

The mayor has stressed that, although the value of social distance established by Royal Decree Law 21/2020 and which came into force last Wednesday, becomes 1.50 meters at least, for the calculation of capacity has been maintained the value of 2.00 meters, which is the one contained in the guide of Tourism of the Generalitat.

Zones allocated according to beach activities 

3 zones have been established to ensure that everyone can enjoy what they like doing at the beach, may that be swimming, sunbathing or playing a sport.

  1. Authorized stay zone.

In this zone you can stay on the beach permanently, but of course only during the established hours and by guaranteeing social distance. This is the zone where you can rest and sunbathe. 

To ensure that this distance is kept in the most effective way, small spaces of 4×4 m2 will be available, so that family groups of up to 4 people can stay within this space. These spaces will be marked by tape or rope. 

  1. Reserved transit area.

This is where you can walk and use the beach to access the sea for bathing or sports. Entries and exits will be marked on the beach so that you will not cross paths with someone who is exiting whilst you are entering the beach. 

  1. 6-meter walking zone.

Starting from the shore to six metres inwards is reserved for those who are walking on the beach. If a personnel comes by this might be a reason why they ask you to move. It´s important to stay out of this zone, you can enter the water by crossing this path but you must enter the water. You cannot stand in this area as it is strictly reserved for those who are walking up and down the beach. 

Extra information

You will find that there are signs on the beach to inform you of the rules to enjoy the beach safely!  The toilets will remain open and will be cleaned after each use. 

Stay safe and enjoy the spectacular beaches Torrevieja has to offer this summer! 

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