Torrevieja and all the reasons why to live there

Costa Blanca, Spain is well known for their beautiful beaches, incredible food and for being the dream costal escape for those who live in cold countries. But, why is Torrevieja so attractive and how has it become one of the top trending places to buy a dream house?

Located in the southern Alicante province, Torrevieja is holds it reputation for it´s beautiful, white beaches, mediteranean dishes, fresh seafood, spectacular lagoons and nature. The villas and apartments in Torrevieja are highly affordable which isn´t the only attractive selling point to buying a house here. Over 320 days of the year it´s sunny, meaning you can go to the beach all year round. 

Culture and food

As it´s located on the coast, the town has access to fresh seafood. Not only that but the mediterranean dishes and traditional tapas make Torrevieja almost irresistible. Spain´s culture and food is what makes it one of the top locations for summer vacations. The spectacular cathedrals, culture, tapas and wine makes Torrevieja a must see and not to mention one of the warmest and sunniest places to live. In fact, a few times a year Torrevieja has special tapa events in which restaurants compete for the title of the best Tapa so you can have a tapa crawl. This is yet another selling point for purchasing an apartment or Villa here as it is good value for money.

Torrevieja´s incredible lagoons and natural swimming pools

One of the intriguing things about Torrevieja is it´s salt lagoons. There are two salt lagoons, both have extraordinary colors one pink and the other emerald, located in the Torrevieja’s natural park. Both of these lagoons are separated by a rock wall. The pink salt lake called Laguna Salada de Torrevieja or Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja in Spanish, one of the worlds rarest lagoons in the world due to its pink color. This cosmopolitan town is renown for it´s salt exportation, exporting over one million tonnes per year. 

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Along the Paseo de Juan Aparicio there is a natural pool surrounded by rocks which is the perfect quiet bathing area and escape from other busy beaches.  

Some of the must see beaches in Torrevieja 

If you enjoy the beach and the sea Torrevieja is full of incredible beaches, in fact you can even buy apartments or villas with a spectacular view of the sea.

Playa de la mata is one of the most popular beaches stretching out to be 2 and a half kilometers long making it one of the more spacious beaches to visit. 

In an area called Las calas you can find over 10 little coves, some with sandy beaches and others with rocks making it perfect for those who want to escape crowds. 

Other beaches that are on the must see list include Punta Prima Beach, Playa del cura which has many bars and restaurants along the seaside, and Playa de los naufragos which is the perfect beach for a quick dip!

Sports and activities

Enjoy a lovely walk whilst enjoying the nature Torrevieja has to offer around the Laguna de la Mata. You can either walk around the lagoon (1.4km or walking paths) or cycle. Torrevieja´s unique ecosystem and environment make the plants, trees and nature are extra special as they adapt to high salinity and high temperatures. As it is a costal town there are many water sports from jetskiing to parasailing. Not to mention the golf courses that are great for enjoying the perfect sunny day in Torrevieja. 

Access to other cities and towns for day trips

It´s location is easy to access by flying into Alicante airport, just thirty-five minutes by car or taxi. Due to Torreviejas location, other Costa Blanca towns are easy to locate and explore on day trips. You could even visit Orihuela Costa

The apartments and villas in Torrevieja are the perfect investment for your future. Torrevieja is a beautiful town filled with delicious Spanish food, interesting culture and spectacular beaches with the ultimate climate.